Humans usually get tired of the city’s hustle bustle lives and thrive for a getaway to remote islands, white sand beaches, or crowd free spaces. But those who truly want to earn and experience something exclusive should surely take a holiday to Seychelles. There are uncountable places to visit in Seychelles that will ensure a marvelous holiday in this dreamy destination.

    Before we start exploring the places to visit, let us go through some essential information that would help us plan our holiday better.

    1. Best time to visit: all round the year. (Tropical climate).
    2. Currency: Seychellois Rupee. (1 SCR = 0.073 USD).
    3. Spoken languages: English, French.
    4. Visa: Visa on Arrival except for Ebola affected countries.
    5. Type of tourism: Adventure, Nature and Leisure.
  • Sailing: all around the year

    Snorkeling: year – around, April – May; October – November are considered the best

    Surfing: May – September

    Bird-watching: April – October

    Diving: March – May; September – November

    Though Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands, but each island is unique on its own. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Seychelles.

    Mahe Island

    1. Largest out of all the islands
    2. Boasts of verdant forests, highest mountain ranges and 65 beaches.
    3. Vast diversity of flora and fauna
    4. Famous for Beau Vallon Beach

    Praslin Island


    1. Also known as Isle De Palme.
    2. Popular for Vallee de Mai, UNESCO World Heritage Site
    3. Home to Anze Lazio and Anse Georgette, which are the two most beautiful beaches in the world.



    La Digue Island

    1. Also known as the boutique island.
    2. Popular for granite rocks that beautify the stunning beaches.
    3. Offers island-style authentic accommodations and traditional modes of transportation like ox-carts and bicycles.



    Cousine Island

    1. A nesting ground for several endangered and exotic species of birds and animals.
    2. Home to inter alia, Seychelles brush warbler, hawksbill turtle and wedge-tailed shearwater.


    Bird Island

    1. Formerly known as Iles aux Vaches is home to sea cows and over a million migratory birds.
    2. It’s the most popular place in Seychelles popular for bird watching.
    3. This island boasts a large number of sooty terns, ground doves, plovers and the Giant land tortoises among which one of them weighs around 300kgs.




    Aride Island

    1. The best place for nature lovers.
    2. The Aride Island Nature Reserve is home to several endemic flowers and the breeding ground of over 18 different species of seabirds.
    3. This island has the highest density of lizards in the world.





    Moyenne Island

    1. This island is the most popular for Giant Tortoises that roam freely, along with old ruins and pirate graves.



    Aldabra Island

    1. It is the world’s largest coral atoll.
    2. Aldabra island is well-known to be UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    3. It is known to have a volcanic origin.
    4. Tourists can spot various species of birds and animals here including the white-throated Aldabra rail (the only flightless bird in the Indian Ocean).





    Silhouette Island

    1. The mountainous island rich in biodiversity and natural beauty.
    2. Tourists can see a wide variety of birds, chameleons, turtles or explore the caves and indulge in soft-adventure activities like snorkeling and swimming.






    Fregate Island

    1. Extremely famous for adventure sports activities and the top place to visit among the adventurers.
    2. Famous for scuba diving, snorkeling and yatching.





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